Pin Grading Explained

When I receive my enamel pins, I have to grade each individual pin on its condition. With enamel pins it is near on impossible to get a PERFECT pin, enamel can easily be scratched or marked.

A grade pins are ALMOST perfect, this means that you can't see any visible marks on the pin itself unless looking within a couple of cm or the pin being seen at a particular angle etc. Tiny dots in the enamel can still be visible on my A Grades as these can be naturally occurring from the manufacturing process.

B grade pins are still in great condition, it could just be that there is a little noticeable defect to the pin, whether it be a small scratch, a mark or a tiny bit of missing coloured enamel. These flaws can be spotted when looking closely.

Seconds pins are bargain prices, this is because they have larger flaws, this could be quite visible marks or scratches, or missing coloured enamel.  All seconds pins are still completely wearable and I often have customers say to me that they wouldn't class my seconds AS seconds because they're still good quality. Maybe I'm just really fussy hah!


Most items in my shop are shipped in striped sweet bags inside cardboard mailers.

The only plastic I have is the small pieces of cellophane on my washi tape and on the backs of my acrylic keyrings. Please recycle where possible.

Prints and stickers are shipped inside eco friendly cello bags, NO PLASTIC is used and these can be recycled after use.

All of my shipping packaging can be recycled.

How long does it take for my order to be despatched?

I aim to dispatch all items within 7 days, unless you've ordered a preorder item and then the wait will be around 4-6 weeks until I receive the items back to ship to you.

Do you offer tracked shipping?

Tracked shipping is an optional upgrade at checkout, it offers you peace of mind and being able to see where your package is throughout its journey.

It also offers added protection if your item is lost in the mail as it means I can claim for it being lost and offer you a refund.

Without tracking, your package is not insured for loss.  If the contents are over £20 I can only refund you the value of the package up to £20 as that is all that Royal Mail (my mail provider here in the UK) will compensate for loss. 

Tracked shipping means that if your package is OVER £20 you are insured for the full value of your order.